Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here are some tips for warming up and cooling down:

1. ALWAYS take your warm up seriously. The quality of your warm up will dictate the quality of your preformance in a game. If you goof off during warm-ups, you could injure yourself and your game.

2. Don't just do the regular stretching. It has been proven that just holding your stetch will not prevent injury and does not stimulate your nervous system.

3. Do a dynamic warm-up. Do a warm-up that includes lots of movement. Such as: Knee highs, butt kicks, kariokes, lunges, defense slides, and elephant trunks.

4. Cool down. It is very important that you cool down after each practice and game. This will reduce the chance that you will pull, strain, or tear a muscle. This is the time to do the stretching where you hold the stretch. You could also do light jogging.

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