Monday, July 7, 2008

How To Get Recruited

1. Take the right classes
- The NCAA is upping the number of English and Math classes required to participate in sports
- Let your school counselor help you along the way to decide which classes to take
- Try your best in school so that you can make the eligibility requirements

2. Register with the NCAA
- If you register yourself as an amature athlete so that colleges know that you can play for them legally

3. Make A List
- Make a list of 200 school that you want to play for and research them
-Make three lists: one of the schools that you dream about, one of those that you could realistically get into, and one of the ones that are a fallback just in case

4. Create A Video
- This is the most important part
- Making a video of your skills allows you to show recruiters what you are made of
- Keep the video short and simple and do not use music in the background
- hire a videographer to help

5. First Contact
-Write a letter to the coach of the school that you want to play for. Include a contact number and email address
-Introduce who you are and why you want to play for them
-If you call the coach, make sure that it is you talking and not your parent

6. Go To A University Camp
- A university camp will get you noticed and help you at the same time

7. The Final Choice
-Think about the financial side while thinking about who you want to play for
- Also think about how much you will play
- Narrow it down to three and then decide

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