Monday, July 7, 2008

How To Make A High School Team

1.) Show off your talent to your coaches by doing the following ALL THE TIME
- When You Jog to warm up - finish first
- When You Stretch do it best
- When You Play Catch, throw to a target and hit it every time.
- When You Play Catch, catch or block the bad throw, keep it front of you.
- When You are doing a drill do it perfect every time. -
Go hard all of the time, NEVER walk in practice or on a field.
- As a batter/runner - run to first as though it matters if your safe.

2.) Correct Mechanics
- work on proper technique
- The player who catches 70% of her flies with TWO HANDS will get the position, EVERY TIME, over the player that catches 100% of her flies with ONE HAND.

3.) Practice HARD, because you play the way you practice.

4.) Persistence is more important than talent - a hard worker is easily spotted.

5.) It doesn't take talent to hustle.

6.) Don't Wear your hat backwards.

7.) Maintain Eye Contact with all adults when they speak to you.

8.) Body language SCREAMS - it never whispers.

9.) Be PASSIONATE about your teammates.

10.) NEVER argue with an umpire.

11.) Help your team win whether you play or not.

12.) Be as diligent on defense as you are on offense.

13.) Know the situation on defense.

14.) Sacrifice Bunting will get you noticed - learn to bunt.

15.) Answer Adults with Yes Sir and No Mam - if you want respect yo have to give respect. UNDERSTAND THIS OR YOU'LL SOON BE OUT OF THE GAME
~ AGREE to let your coaches train you.
~ It is your coaches opinion of you that counts. He/She makes the lineup.
~ The ONLY thing that coaches owe you is HONESTY.
~ Life is not fair, regardless of what some people want you to think. Accept were you are at, and work hard at were you want go.
~ Don't let ANYONE make an excuse for you.
~ Your parents love you, BUT they don't know more than your coaches about softball.

>>> Character means doing the right thing when no ones around.
>>> Softball reveals character, it doesn't build it.
>>> Who you are today is a result of who you were in the past. Fill your past with smart work and good decisions and you will MAXIMIZE your potential.
>>> Work on your game every day of the year. The girl who beat you out for the starting position did.
>>> Balance makes Champions. If you focus on just hitting and ignore the defensive part of your game you will never become a complete player.
>>> Don't cut classes - this activity demonstrates immaturity and lack of commitment.
>>> Maintain Grades that keep you eligible. There is a reason that Student comes first in Student Athlete.
>>> Set High standards along with knowing the steps to attain them.
>>> Don't tell people what you are worth - PROVE it to them.* IT TAKES MORE THAN BEING A GREAT ATHLETE TO MAKE A HIGH SCHOOL TEAM *

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