Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting A Mental Edge Over The Pitcher

Anything you can pick up about the pitcher prior to going into the box can help give you an advantage. Ask yourself the following questions: Does she always throw the first pitch as a strike? What pitch does she like to throw when she's ahead in the count? Does she move the ball mostly in and out, or up and down? What's her "bread and butter" pitch? Does she have a tendency to throw inside or outside? Up in the zone or down in the zone? Does she tip off any of her pitches by how she delivers or prepares to deliver?
Some pitchers look at the location of where they'll throw their pitch after picking up the signal from the catcher. If you can pick up the movement of their eyes from the catcher's signal to their target, you may be able to tell where the pitch will be thrown.

Know the count and adjust the strike zone to the count. If your behind in the count, widen the strike zone. If your ahead, make your strike zone smaller.

If you tell yourself that you will dominate the pitcher, then you will. It's all about determination and confidence.

Softball is a mental game. The more of a mental edge that you have over the other players the better.

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